Feature in Die Angst Magazine No.2


Die Angst Magazine is a Berlin based Photography, Graphics, Illustration and Comic-Art indie magazine. The magazine is self published and is edited by the artist Marcel Casado.

The magazine features both new and established artists from around the world, focusing on young urban lives.

Die Agnest issue number two features the following artists : Agnes Tanuki, Aida Gradina, Alban Lécuyer, Alice Mann, Ayline Olukman, Christine Anderson, Dana Stirling, Gabriel Orlowski, Gerard Vlaz, Hannah Goldstein, Hiro Tanaka, Jo Krauss, Joana P. Cardozo, Karla Read, Leonardo Magrelli, Ludovico Poggioli, Marco Brioni, Maria Lichtenegger, Marina Paulenka, Nick Thompson, Régis Feugère, Valentina Casalini, Wilma van de Hel and Xuecong Lin.



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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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